MAC Viva Glam Rihanna


When this finally showed up on the UK MAC site I was straight in there to order it, it didnt sell out as they had hoped, but I think that was for a few reasons, one its a frost which is not everyones favourite type of finish – but I will get to that later, two over Rihanna saturation – a lot of collections could have dried up some of the interest and three the colour – a purple or a pink might have been better because Riri Woo was released in every part of the Rihanna collection and therefore was a very memorable part of the collection.  That said I am a huge Rihanna fan so I wanted to see what it was like and make my mind up if I was going to get it – I wasnt going to initially… but, I caved!






In celebrity endorsed Viva Glam styling the box is the same but it bears the signature of the celeb in a shiny red – it looks good and stands out from the standard packaging.  The lipstick itself is in a soft touch frosted red with black detailing, and feels and looks nice – its nice to see something a little different from the standard viva glam casing.


The bullet is encased in shiny black with the signature and MAC in a frosted red.



When swatched this doesnt come across as a highly frosted lipstick to me, its more of a red with a nice sheen on it, its somewhat similar to Riri Woo but not so much that you wouldnt be able to tell them apart.

S9120150Here are the two swatches together, Riri Woo is on top and Viva Glam Rihanna on the bottom – VG Rihanna seems to be a slightly brighter red and the sheen on it makes it very pretty, almost like you have a gloss on with it.

Im glad I got VG Rihanna, its a lovely addition to not just my MAC collection or my Rihanna MAC collection but the full R.R.P less V.A.T from the sale of this lipstick and lipglass goes towards helping women, men and children everywhere affected by HIV/AIDS.

The soft touch red packaging is described as limited edition so Im not sure if it will always be available in this format, so if you like it you should grab it while you can.



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